56 Pieces Of Razor Blades Found In Man’s Stomach During Surgery In Rajasthan

56 Pieces Of Razor Blades Found In Man's Stomach During Surgery In Rajasthan

The patient’s condition is stable now

A 26-year-old accountant named Yashpal Singh from Rajasthan swallowed 56 razor blades one by one. The incident took place in the Jalore district and came to light after the man was taken to a hospital as he vomited blood and complained of stomach pain. Mr Singh was rushed to Mediplus Hospital by his roommates. He was sent for sonography and the result showed blades inside his body. The doctors also conducted an endoscopy and decided to immediately conduct surgery. 

Dr Narsi Ram Devasi, who led the team of doctors who performed the surgery, said that the man had severe cut marks on his neck and swelling all over the body. Dr Devasi revealed that there were several cuts in many places inside the body. A team of 7 doctors performed the surgery and removed all the blades from the stomach in 3 hours.

Dr Devasi said that it seemed that the man had split the blades and swallowed three packets along with the plastic cover. The plastic cover around the blades dissolved when they reached his stomach and caused severe cuts and internal bleeding.

“It is possible that the young man had anxiety or depression, due to which he ate 3 whole packets of blades,” the doctor told NDTV.

The family members of Mr Singh are stunned and said they had no clue that he ate so many razor blades.

Apart from Dr Devasi, the doctors’ team included a gynaecologist, a paediatrician and other staff members.

Dr Devasi said the patient’s condition is stable now.

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