After trespassing incident, Mumbai police asks Shah Rukh Khan to carry out a security audit of his bungalow Mannat | Hindi Movie News

Two young men fron Gujarat managed to trespass onto Shah Rukh Khan‘s bungalow Mannat on March 2. The men were identified as Pathan Sahil Salim Khan, aged 18 and vegetable seller Ram Khushuva aged 19. After the men were arrested and booked for trespassing, the Mumbai police also asked SRK to reevaluate his bungalow’s security.
A source told ETimes, “After the incident of two fans trespassing onto SRK’s bungalow, the Bandra police asked to carry out a security audit of his residence. This includes checking on any missing items. Or finding any items that don’t belong there. This is a safety precaution to ensure the two men haven’t engaged in any foul play.”

During their questioning by the Mannat security staff and the cops, the two men revealed that their only intention to enter Mannat was to meet their favourite superstar. Reportedly, the two men had jumped over from the wall, using the scaffolding erected outside as some repair work was going on in the adjacent building. They hid inside SRK’s make-up room which is not functional right now. But it was SRK who spotted the two inside the room and called in his security.

Reports also suggest that the two men has sustained minor bruises while scaling the wall and the Mannat security staff administered first aid to the two men, before handing them over to the police.

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