Rachel Bilson and comedian Whitney Cummings discuss their first real orgasms on podcast | English Movie News

What is it about podcasts that has people spilling the beans and saying things they probably wouldn’t ever say on camera? Is it because digital audio files are somehow more remote than a visual medium? One can’t say, but recently, American actress Rachel Bilson spilled all kinds of sexual details about herself on a podcast in which she was speaking to comedian Whitney Cummings on her Bright Ideas podcast show. This is not the first time when she has been talking about such topics on her podcast.
Rachel co-hosts the Broad Ideas podcast show with her good friend, Olivia Allen.
As the two got talking, it became an intimate conversation with them talking about their orgasmic experiences. Both admitted to having orgasms only much later in life. Rachel said that she first experienced hers when she was 38 and the comedian disclosed that she got hers when she was in her 40s!

Cummings admitted that she had “never had an orgasm from sex until she got off birth control”, and Bilson agreed, saying that she was in the same boat as Cummings.
The conversation got more candid as the podcast progressed. Rachel said that she was open to discussing her sex drive as she was raised in a very liberal household that was “very sex-positive,” and was also very free and candid.

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