Remembering SN Tripathi, composer of the iconic Zara Samne Toh Aao chaliye | Hindi Movie News

Varanasi-born composer SN Tripathi was the most longevous music composer of Hindi cinema. His career started with Chandan in 1941 and he was active right until the 1980s with soundtracks of Sati Savitri, Mahasati Tulsi and 108 Teerthyatra.
Tragically, this prolific and versatile composer was branded a mythological specialist. True, a majority of his soundtracks were mythologicals. But the songs that he did in non-mythologicals are played to this day, though listeners may not know them as his compositions. Although Tripathi composed music for over twenty films in the 1940, his first really big hit was Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet in Rani Rupmati in 1947. Sung in two different versions by Lataji and Mukesh, this melancholic melody is an all-time hit.

During the same year Tripathi took the charts by storm with another song Zara Samne Toh Aao Chaliye in the film Janam Janam Ke Phere. The two songs in 1957 boosted the composer’s market value. He went on to compose songs for nearly 80 films. Sadly his songs were popular, but he is not recognized as their composer.

SN Tripathi’s perennially popular songs include Mohammed Rafi’s Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera (Lal Qila), Mukesh’s Jhoomti Chali Hawa (Sangeet Samrat Tansen), Lataji’s Kaise Dharun Main Dheer (Sangeet Samrat Tansen), Lataji’s Sham Bhaye Ghanshyam Na Aaye (Kavi Kalidas), Lataji-Talat Mehmood’s Pyar Ke Palchchin Beete Hue Din (Kunwari), Lataji’s Prabhu Tumhi Prakash Do (Jai Chittod).

Tragically Tripathi’s versatility was confined to mythological and costume dramas during a time when other composers like Shankar-Jaikishan, OP Nayyar and Naushad ruled the roost.

SN Tripathi’s evergreen O Pavan Veg Se Udne Wale Ghode from the film Jai Chittod sung by Lataji was once singled out by PM Narendra Modiji as one of his favourite songs.

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