Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri take over the dance floor at Alanna Panday and Ivor’s wedding – watch video | Hindi Movie News

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan made an appearance at Alanna Panday married Ivor McCray’s wedding festivity on Thursday. After cheering for everyone who shook a leg on the dance floor, SRK and Gauri also decided to show off some moves.

The duo danced with Alanna’s mother Deanne Panday, grooving to the tunes of AP Dhillon’s song ‘Dil Nu’. For the wedding, Shah Rukh Khan opted for a dapper black suit and a crisp white shirt while Gauri looked stunning in a gown. In the video, Gauri, SRK and Deanne are seen dancing in a circle while Ananya Panday and others are spotted dancing in the background.
Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray got hitched on March 16 in a dreamy wedding. Speaking about the wedding theme, Alanna had told ETimes, “We’ve chosen a magical, fairytale-like, enchanted forest theme because we both love nature. We love everything earthy and rooted, so the wedding will be inspired by a forest theme that will depict the resilience of nature. The decor will feature birds in flight, a soothing water element, forest sounds, and a customized fragrance to evoke the smell of the earth.” When asked about their post wedding plans, Alanna had added, “We haven’t gotten a second to breathe since we arrived in India, our wedding preparations have kept us on our feet, so post wedding we will definitely look forward to a relaxing, rejuvenating honeymoon.”

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