Woman Shares Inappropriate Messages Sent To Her By Rapido Driver, Company Responds

Woman Shares Inappropriate Messages Sent To Her By Rapido Driver, Company Responds

Rapido Cares responded to the post

In yet another incident of uncouth behaviour by cab drivers of bike taxi aggregators towards female customers, a Rapido driver sent an inappropriate text message to a woman, after she shared her location via WhatsApp. The Twitter user going by ‘husnpari’ shared a screenshot of the chat on Twitter, and the post is now viral. According to the screenshot shared by the woman, the man told her that he had arrived only after hearing her voice and seeing her display picture. He further added that he would not have come for the pickup otherwise.

In her post on Twitter, the woman expressed her rage over the issue. Her posts have since prompted the cab company to investigate and act against the driver.

Rapido Cares responded to the post, “Hi, it is extremely disappointing for us to learn about the captain’s lack of professionalism and we are apologetic about the same. This matter will surely be actioned upon on a priority basis. Would you please share your registered mobile number and ride ID via DM?”

Check out the tweet here:

Meanwhile, several people have commented on the Twitter user’s tweets, many appreciating her for bringing this incident to the cab company’s notice, prompting action against the driver. A user commented, “Rapido is no more safe these days.”

Another user wrote, “All these apps, be it Amazon or Flipkart, Ola or Uber, which lets strangers know your location can be a problem to many.”

“Disgusting. Having used public transport for a long time, I expect nothing better from cabs and autos. We need more women in the transport ecosystem,” the third user raised concern.

“it’s so so heartbreaking but what’s worse is that it’s so unsurprising, the way we have to deal w this shit every single day fills me w so much rage,” the fourth user wrote.

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