World’s Shortest Bodybuilder Marries Partner

'Knew She Was The One': World's Shortest Bodybuilder Marries Partner

Pratik Vitthal Mohite met his partner four years ago

New Delhi:

Pratik Vitthal Mohite, the world’s shortest bodybuilder at 3 feet 4 inches, got married to Jayaa who is 4 feet 2 inches tall. He bagged the Guinness World Records title for the “shortest competitive bodybuilder (male) in the world” in 2021.

The 28-year-old bodybuilder who is from Maharashtra married Jayaa, 22, who also has a short stature like him. Pratik met his partner four years ago and the two got engaged later, according to Daily Mail

In photos shared by Pratik on Instagram, he is seen dressed as a groom and dancing happily atop a vehicle as people gather around him to celebrate.

In another photo, Pratik Vitthal Mohite is seen standing next to his wife and other family members.

The bodybuilder also shared a few videos from his haldi ceremony.

Pratik Vitthal Mohite kicked off his bodybuilding career back in 2012 and initially struggled to perform exercises and hold equipment due to his size. He did not give up and worked hard in the gym. Pratik first competed at a bodybuilding competition in 2016 and insists that his family and friends are “very supportive and helpful”. 

He applied for a Guinness World Record title on his friend’s suggestion and was named the world’s shortest competitive bodybuilder in 2021.

“It was my dream to achieve a Guinness World Records title and it’s such an honour to achieve it. I’m very happy and till now this will be my biggest achievement in my career,” Pratik had said.

“I liked Jayaa the moment I saw her and I think she liked me, she seemed impressed by my physique but I couldn’t provide for her,” Pratik was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

The bodybuilder added that he first wanted to bag a job so that he could give his wife a good life. Once confident that he was ready to settle down, Pratik got married to Jayaa this week in a traditional Maharashtrian wedding. “I knew Jayaa was the one,” he said adding that his wife is not only of the same height as him but they also share a good sense of humour.

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